Roasted Squash, Tahini & Yogurt Dip

Tuesday March 4, 2014

Elemental Custard

When the weather has you stuck inside, it's easy to fall into a wave of despair. But fear not! you can catch up on all that work you have fallen behind on! Sweet success. Let's be productive... least for 20 minutes- When you realize that you have a lovely butternut squash sitting on the counter and all you can think about is pairing it with tahini and yogurt and lemon and all your big plans of paper writing go flying out the window.

It's those types of days where I cut my losses, wave a white flag and head to the kitchen. I mean come on- we all need to eat!

Elemental Custard

I inherited a couple butternut squashes from a recent food-styling gig (amongst a huge variety of other produce which I have been trying to use up).

This dip comes together in a snap and is a refreshing twist from a bean-based dip. Roasted squash pairs with tahini and the addition of yogurt gives it a creamy texture. Wonderful for crackers, dipping veggies, as a sandwich spread, or even as a "mashed squash" dish- it's addicting!


Roasted Squash, Tahini & Yogurt Dip

~2 cups


1/2 a butternut squash (2 cups roasted squash)
2 tbsp (30ml) tahini
2 tsp (10ml) smoked paprika
2 tsp (10ml) lemon juice (or to taste)
4-6 tbsp (60-90ml) yogurt (I used 1%)
salt to taste
8 cloves roasted garlic

smoked paprika
pumpkin seeds OR pine nuts
reserved roasted squash


Preheat the oven to 400F. Halve the squash and scoop out the seeds. You can either peel the squash and cut into any size cubes (This way you can use the rest of the squash you don't put in the dip for another purpose) OR just roast the half squash without peeling which saves time and effort.

Place the squash face up on a lightly greased baking sheet (or if cubing, toss the squash with 1 tbsp olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast until the squash is tender. Remove from oven and scoop out the squash from the skin. You need ~2 cups for the dip.

Place all the ingredients in the food processor and buzz until smooth. Adjust to taste with the salt and lemon. Top with a sprinkle of smoked paprika and pumpkin seeds or pine nuts. I reserved a few squash cubes for the topping as well!


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