girl baking with a kitchen aid stand mixer

My name is Mara. I am a Registered Dietitian (RD), Food Stylist, Nutritional Scientist, Recipe Developer, Food Blogger, Photographer, Vegetable Ninja, Cyclist, and lover of everything lemon.  When I’m not in the kitchen whipping up new recipes and feeding friends and family, you can probably find me out on my bicycle. 

“I hate people who are not serious about meals. It is so shallow of them”

– Oscar Wilde


What kind of Recipes?

My recipe style has evolved and is continuously changing. I strive to use fresh ingredients as well as natural sugars as much as possible. Currently I am on a whole grains and seeds kick, but you can generally find a bit of everything. I believe that eating is not only a way to fuel our bodies, but also our souls. Food is something that connects us and brings people together. Words to Live by:  There is a place for all foods in a healthy diet. Ice cream is just as important as that kale smoothie. Both provide different types of nourishment. 

My Journey:

Cooking is something that I find extremely therapeutic and creative. From a young age I was never able to follow a recipe. It’s a disease. One without a cure. Creating recipes is one of the reasons I began food blogging in the first place- because I kept writing down recipes on scraps of paper, in my course notes, and on the backs of napkins. It’s hard to keep track of those… it was finally time to start putting them somewhere that I might actually remember them. It’s hard when you stumble on recipes with no titles and are trying to decipher what the heck you were making!

In 2011 I started Elemental Custard (thanks dad for pushing me to get my stuff out there!). Why Elemental Custard? It was actually a case of misheard song lyrics in a Beatles song… weird story- But I felt it captured my background of Science (Elemental) and love of baking (Custard), so I rolled with it.

My Career

I graduated with my M.Sc in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences, and went on to become a Registered Dietitian. I now work as an RD in Toronto, as well as a Food Stylist in my spare time. 

Feel free to email me with any questions you might have! I hope you find something interesting to try as you browse my website and I hope I can inspire you to try some new things 🙂 .

Bon Appetit!