Creamy Mango Mousse

If your family is anything like mine, you have your summer staple dishes. They tend to be burgers… kebabs… sausages… pizza… basically anything your can do on a grill, or that you don’t have to use the oven for.

Obviously you need a no bake dessert recipe that’s a cinch to make, healthy, and not overly heavy tasting. I have just the ticket.

This mango mousse is my family’s favourite summer dessert. Mousses are lovely, although often have lots of heavy cream. This version is made with yogurt making it a lot lower in fat, but the yogurt stands up well to the sweetness of the mango.

It also comes together in a matter of minutes, the only time consuming part is waiting for it to set. But it is worth it. Promise.

Creamy Mango Mousse

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Serves: 10-12


  • 1 can mango purée (850 g) OR 1 bag frozen mango chunks (~650g, thawed)*
  • 750 ml 2% or Balkan yogurt
  • 1.5 packages of gelatin (~ 7.5g)
  • 1/4 cup water
  • fresh fruit for garnish (ie. fresh raspberries and blueberries)



In saucepan, add water and gelatin. Let sit for 2 minutes until the gelatin is softened. Heat over low heat until the gelatin is dissolved.


In large bowl combine mango purée and yogurt. Add dissolved gelatin and stir until well blended. Pour ~1/2 cup portions of the mousse into small glasses or ramekins and allow to set in fridge for at least 4 hours or overnight.


Garnish with fresh fruit and serve.


*Note: purée in food processor or blender until smooth and add 2 tbsp honey or sugar to sweeten to your taste



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